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ALERO gives you a shopping experience that is unmatched with the guarantee of shipping and returns are always free in Italy. Not sure where to start? Do you want to make your look more refined? Discover now our collection and their extraordinary ability to give character to each month. What is your style? Sporty, casual-chic, refined, visionary, with a vein of romance or an irreverent pinch? A few clicks will be enough to choose and express your style! When the sun comes up, the desire to go out also arrives! How wonderful to go out in the open, walk by the sea and go hiking on the scooter. Too bad for the light too dazzling, which forces you to wring the eyelids! But why close your eyes, denying the wonders of the landscape? Admire the photos in the catalog: the quality of each article shines through the attention to detail and the perfect protection of the lenses. The sunglasses, however, are not all the same: each pair can be associated with clothing and a particular character, which makes it a real business card. Discover also the collection of rubber sunglasses resistant to any stress, versatile but above all they adapt to any situation from sports, to the sea or for a simple walk. In the catalog you will also find the rubber glasses for the little ones ALERO KID'S with cheerful and energetic colors just like them!